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Course competition

In collaboration with the Norwegian Federation, we now offer a course planning competition in the BSC terrain.

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Sprint course, 3500-4000 m shortest route.

Start: Free placement.

Finish: Pre set at Krohnsminde Idrettsplass, Bergen.

It is allowed to close streets and passages to create route choice alternatives. Arena passage and spectator control is optional.


2d Courseplanning
Feel free to use 2d Courseplanning to create legs and measure routes.

Google StreetView

Follow this link to walk through the area.


Sunday, May 3rd 2020.

Send jpg-file (resolution 300 dpi) to ivar.haugen(at)

Kronstad (part of Bergen Sentrum), published by Varegg Fleridrett.

Scale: 1:4000

Contour: 2 m


The map can be downloaded as .jpg (size A3) in resolution 300 dpi. Files for Condes, PurplePen and OCAD is also available at

See "Løypeleggerkonk. SPRINT"

Get in touch at

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